Computers Of Carleton University Contaminated With Ransomware

Bitcoin Has Been Hated

Bitcoin – The students are warned at the Carleton University that many of its computers have been contaminated by the ransomware. It is a type of computer virus, which uses encryption to hold the files hostage effectively in exchange for payment.

The computing and communications services department the school updated on their website on Tuesday morning that all the window based systems can be accessed from the main network.

CBC gets an email from a graduate student at the university that states that the attackers asked for the payment in Bitcoin, a digital currency that is not easy to trace.  As per the email, he saw a message on a school’s computer that the attackers are asking either for 39 BTC in total or two bitcoin per computer for releasing the encrypted files. This amount nearly equals to $38,941 at the present rate. A warning is given by the school to the students to ignore the messages and immediately report them.

More information on the way

Steven Reid, who is a media relations officer at the Carleton states that they are trying to sort out the details. He doesn’t confirm the total amount asked by the attackers. Moreover, the students are warned by the schools to shut down their computers and stay off from its wireless network. A notification was received by the staff and faculty at the university from the IT department on Twitter before 9 AM on Tuesday stating the network issues.

Previous Victims

A similar attack was hit at the University of Calgary in the June month of this year and the university pays nearly $20,000 to regain the access to its systems. At that time, the Vice-President of Finances and Services Linda Dalgetty states that the school has decided to pay the amount to the hackers for ensuring that no one loose access to their research.

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