Bitcoin Adoption In India Sees Large Sudden Increase

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A new app has been launched by an Indian bitcoin start-up Unocoin for the mobile operating system iOS and Android platform. The company states that the consumers will be allowed to buy, send, store and receive bitcoins through the app from any remote device.

The Unocoin says that the implementation is on time due to a sudden increase in the adoption of bitcoin in India with the decision of the government to demonetize the notes of RS 500 and RS 1000.

The co-founder of the Abhinand Kaseti states that they have built this app by using their own public application programming interface to guarantee the ease of use and security.

We all know that the BTC is a digital currency that doesn’t support the government or central bank of any currency. Also famous as crypto-currency, the bitcoin can be traded for goods or services with the sellers who accept the payment in bitcoins.

The company also states that they have become the first firm in India to provide a full-featured mobile bitcoin app, which includes 24X7 accesses to instantaneous trading transactions and real-time bitcoin market prices.

According to the market experts, the bitcoins demand will increase because there are nearly one billion Indians who use the mobile phones. There are more than 300 million Indians use their phones for accessing the internet regularly.

According to Unocoin, they are expecting this trend to go up by 56% every year. Mr. Kaseti states that we wanted to offer a more easy way for the users to manage and access their digital currency portfolio when a computer is out of the reach of the users. A point of sale app has also unveiled by the company to enable the physical stores for accepting the bitcoin as a payment mode.

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