Scammers Requesting Gift Cards Or Bitcoin

Criminals Using Bitcoins

Scammers are requesting either iTunes gift cards or the digital currency bitcoin as a medium of payment and using facebook to hoax Australians into offering over money.

Classy scammers keep altering their modus operandi and are beating behind trusted brands like government activities, services and telecommunications companies, Consumer Commission and the Australian Competition says.

Ms Rickard told technology like voice over internet protocol intended it was very inexpensive to make bulk phone calls or send emails.

Australians had misplaced more than $70 million to swindles by the conclusion of October, as per the most new information for year 2016 from reports to the ACCC.

Being requested for payments through wire transfer cast-off to be a decent sign of a scam, but scammers has reorganized their tactics.

“They direct people out to get accurately thousands of worth of dollars of iTunes gift cards,” Ms Rickard mentioned. Reported damages from that scam touched further than $1 million in year 2016.

Ms Rickard told scammers’ payment demands had also moved from the out-dated wire transfer to bitcoin BTC, chiefly with ransomware where there are stresses for wherever from $500 to thousands of dollars to expose computers.

The major financial losses remain to come from dating and romance scams and stock schemes, with higher than $21 million and $25 million correspondingly stated lost to the ACCC’s Scamwatch by month-October.

Ms Rickard told more than a third of the sufferers of romance scams currently encountered the scammer by social media, typically but not always facebook, while dating websites were typically used in the historical.

Ms Rickard mentioned binary options scams were large in 2016, with higher than $3 million lost as of month-September.

Scammers make-believe to be binary options dealers, who forecast short-term movements in product, asset or index prices, and practise high-pressure strategies to persuade people to invest before thieving the currency.

Ms Rickard told the number of scam reports sustained to increase, working out more than 134,000 by October, though losses conveyed to the watchdog were steady.

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