Resignation By Reddit BTC Mod, Citing Censorship In Both Subreddits

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The Reddit BTC moderator Jratcliff63367 has given his resignation officially from the subreddit because of the limited discussions and dysfunctional operations. A focus on the censorship of both the BTC subcreddit and Bitcoin subreddit by the Jratcliff in official statement that expresses the issues over two of the biggest communities of bitcoin discussions.

The Bitcoin subreddit operates by the major moderator Theymos for a longer period of time. It has been the most famous and successful bitcoin community till now. Still, some of the major and collaborative discussions are facilitated by it with the users, developers, enthusiasts, and businesses. It is also noted by the Jratcliff that the Bitcoin subreddit started to get harsh criticisms from the people who don’t support the Bitcoin.

Arguments of Ver and many others

The Bitcoin investors that consist of Ver thinks that there is a requirement of experts or developers for receiving bitcoin to continue the bitcoin’s development. It is needed in the same way the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto passes his idea to his successors.

Along with lots of miners, the Bitcoin Unlimited supports firmly thinks that the censorship of non-Bitcoin Core solutions and Bitcoin Unlimited doesn’t necessarily give benefit the health and development of bitcoin in the longing way. There is a believes in them that grant of one development team will stall the development of bitcoin.

Censorship in BTC subreddit?

As per the statement of the Jratcliff, the BTC subreddit is no longer that platform that allows the users to discuss the various solutions, activities, and events freely within the bitcoin industry. To sum up, discussions are censored by both the subreddits and it prompts the Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Core respectively. It is completely unfair for each of the moderators of the two subreddits who are claiming the censorship and their attempt for presenting themselves to the community as a possible victim.

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