Brave New World Investments Uses Bitcoin As Investment In Iranian Equities

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Brave New World Investments is an investment company that is tapping the power of cryptocurrency to make it a wealth generating investment instrument. People, especially in Europe, who wish to invest can now route their money through this company and invest in Iran market.

Brave New World Investments acts as an investment company, into which the stakeholders will be investing their crypto-funds.Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, has pervaded throughout the world due to its universal nature and ease of transactions.

The business model of the investment company revolves around Bitcoin BTC. What the business does is that it receives cryptocurrency investment and then turns it into Iranian Rial.

The company has done a strong due diligence and set up a system after covering every possible legitimate concern, including the anti-money laundering laws, to ensure the business is up to the mark in compliance with rules and regulations.

The company is inviting European shareholders, Bitcoin’s community members, and Persian angel investors on the platform, to help enable it to invest in a diverse and healthy portfolio in Iranian equity market.

Anti-money laundering laws

Investors find the opportunity appealing as the United States has relaxed the economic sanctions on the country. This easing of sanctions is encouraging the international investors to look at Iran as an investment opportunity.

The future does look good with more investments coming to Iran and those who invest reaping good returns.

The Brave New World Investments is acquiring an Iranian bank account to enable equity investments and practically no sanctions between Iran and EU or Sweden makes the job easier, simpler and of course legitimate.

With this new opportunity, an Iranian market is going to get a fresh lease of life and impetus to growth. Investors across Europe and America are waiting in excitement.

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