Bitcoin Will Get Ethereum Style Smart Contracts In June

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Over the past some years, there is a lot of attention gained by the Ethereum and it has become the second most valuable cryptocurrency by the market cap. The execution of smart contracts is enabled by the platform and this feature will come in the form of RSK to Bitcoin.

The co-founder of the RSK Gabriel Kurman was interviewed on a recent episode of Coin Interview and he claimed that the private testnet of RSK will turn into a public testnet on 22 May 2017 at the Consensus conference. After one month, the bitcoin’s main net will be launched by RSK. He states that the main mission of RSK is the addition of functionality and value to the ecosystem of Bitcoin by offering smart-contracts, high scalability, and quick payments.

Ethereum doesn’t give the users a set of predefined operations. Instead of it, the users are allowed to make their own operations which can be of any type. The Ethereum can work as a platform for several types of decentralized blockchain applications in this way that can consist, but can’t get limited to cryptocurrencies.

There is a lot of work done by the team who is behind the RSK for making it easier for developers of the Ethereum for moving to this platform. As per the original white paper of the RSK, the virtual machines of the platforms are compatible with the ones that Ethereum have that give the chance for developers to work on Ethereum for giving benefits through the Bitcoin blockchain’s robustness. The developers are allowed to make the applications with the use of programming languages that are modeled on present languages such as Python and JavaScript by the EVM.

There is no need for any changes in the initial version of the RSK sidechain to underlie the bitcoin protocol for implementation of needed 2-way peg which will allow the bitcoin transfer from a secondary blockchain to the Bitcoin blockchain and vice versa.

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