Hoax Of Israeli Bomb Teen Allowed Dark Web To Make Millions In Bitcoins

Threats Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin – An Israeli teen who has made more than 100 bomb threats against the day schools and Jewish Community Centers in the United States of America is now charged with the earning bitcoin worth of millions via cybercrime on the dark internet world.

This Jewish teen has dual citizenship of both the Israel and America and was apprehended past month in Marc, Ashkelon by the Israeli authorities.

As per some reports, he is identified as Michael Kaydar, a 19-year-old boy who is charged with making more than 100 hoax bomb threat calls to Jewish day schools and Jewish Community centers in different parts across 33 states from January. Additionally, he is also suspected of making the same type of calls to many parts of Israel, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

A Large Bitcoin Wallet

Today, a report came from Israel that reveals that the police alleges that this teen is the owner of bitcoin whose market value is millions in Israeli Shekels. The value of one million shekels is around 275,000 American dollars.

As per the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the regional police has completed an investigation that reveals that this teen has sold many fake documents like passwords, driving licenses and visas on the dark internet work by exchanging the bitcoins. As per the reports, the officials in the Israeli police things that he was selling drugs on the dark web.

In addition to that, the police investigate the chances of teenager hacking and targeting businesses for getting payments in bitcoin. During the investigation, the people also add that the teen his right for remaining silent.

The bitcoin account worth of shekels is estimated by the investigation, however, no fixed figure is revealed. The lawyer of the teenager says that the teen is dealing with many medical problems and he also referred the benign brain tumors of the suspect in the past.

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