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It is always great to learn about an official study by a university related to the use of bitcoin. According to the latest report by Cambridge University, the BTC has a great future. It is a positive thing to see the rising number of bitcoin users.

There are many interesting numbers offered by the Cambridge bitcoin study. As per the experts, the size of active bitcoin users hovers between 2.9 million and 5.8 million. However, it is a big gap but is not possible to distinguish the unique users nowadays.

Cambridge University has given an interesting study

Moreover, it looks like there are quite a few people who are working actively in the cryptocurrency market. There are around 1,876 unique users discovered by the study who remained active on a full-time basis. It is an interesting number because it goes to display there is a lot more to cryptocurrency than just meeting the eye.

There are many well-known currencies present and everyone has its own community. However, it is a common belief that the total number of full-time cryptocurrency users is more than the mark of 2,000.

It is not much surprising to see that this study going to investigate the issue of exchanges. There are more people employed by the cryptocurrency exchanges than any other bitcoin project. However, it looks like that only 17 percent of the average budget of the exchange is used in security.

By looking how these platforms are targeted by the criminals, it looks a very small amount. In the past years, there were many bitcoin exchanges hacked because of the poor security measures.

At last, there is a strong emphasis on the bitcoin miners. The big miners think that they have influence over the protocol development. It is proved that they have a strong power, but their views are not heard seriously. If that would not be the case, we should have seen the Bitcoin Unlimited get activated many weeks ago.

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