Mimblewimble: Bitcoin Going To Be Reformed By Silly Sounding Tech

Hit And Miss Mode Of Bitcoin

The CEO and founder of a blockchain web services startup named Catheryne Nicholson give her opinion regarding the dysfunctional state of bitcoin’s community and the reason she thinks new tech known as MimbleWimble can assist in saving it.

Presently, the state of bitcoin is not promising. It is very sad to see the mature adults to insult each other on Twitter and Reddit. She further states that the potential of bitcoin seemed endless when I join in 2013. It was seen as the solution for microfinance, micropayments, email spam, parking meters and much more.

There are lots of women including me who believes in bitcoin as a way of addressing the global issues related to poverty by offering access to capital for 75% people in the world.

According to the evidence by the two-year debate on how to scale bitcoin, there are several fundamental concerns related to bitcoin are not going to be solved ever. The community is more diverse than it ever has.  The females don’t have an active participation in this dystopian community. A Patronus charm is desperately required in bitcoin.

She further says that disappointment in bitcoin forced her to look at the other alternative blockchains like zcash, litecoin, dash and ethereum who have grown in popularity and market size.

Beginning Point

When one goes into a deep background, Tom Elvis Jedusor was the person who placed the original MimbleWimble white paper. The White Paper Mimblewimble placed by Tom was a blockchain proposal that can result in the increase of scalability, privacy, and fungibility.

During the last part of 2016, Ignotus Peverell begins a Github project named Grin and start to transform the MimbleWimple paper into reality.

This work was presented by a mathematician at Blockstream Andrew Poelstra during a conference at Stanford University named Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2017.

In addition to this, a technical introduction to MimbleWimble and Grin was posted by the Ignotus in the recent times.

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