Woman Kidnapped By Brazilian Criminals And Asked Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin Has Been Hated

Over the years, bitcoin and other digital currencies are utilized by the criminals. While the majority of these acts takes place in the online world, BTC  has become an easier way for the normal criminals. Some people in Brazil kidnapped a 32-year old female this week and ask for a bitcoin payment in exchange.

However, the police control the situation without any need to change the money.

It is interesting to learn that a bitcoin payment asks by the regular criminals. It is unbelievable to think as bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency. Even there can be argued by some people that it can’t be used for criminal activities. Each and every transaction is tracked without any software in real time.

Unlikely to see someone kidnapping a person for bitcoin

Past week, some thugs in Florianopolis, Brazil has kidnapped a woman and they ask for an undisclosed amount of bitcoin in exchange for her release. The civil police were alerted by the woman’s husband regarding this incident who become successful in extracting her from the claws of criminals.

However, there is no money exchanged in the process but still, makes an interesting story.

It is the very first time that criminals demanded payment in a digital currency in exchange for kidnapping in Brazil. The main motive here was to make the husband ready for paying a sum of bitcoin for the release of her wife. In reality, it is very dangerous to demand money in virtual currency.

Practically, it is not possible for completing this type of deal because there are lots of variables coming into the account. Shopping in exchange for bitcoin is possible, still, it is tougher for many people.

No matter how much preparation these criminals have, their venture still failed. In conclusion, it is wonderful to know that the women were not harmed during her kidnapping.

Presently, the civil police are conducting their investigation and they have arrested one person. Although, it is possible that there might be more people involved in this incident.

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