Micro BTC: Warning Of Bitcoin Scam Website

Bitcoin Serious Threat

As we near the summer and it looks that the quantity of bitcoin cloud mining scams is rising exponentially. Micro-BTC is one of the platform same as Micro Mining who are claiming to offer cloud mining services to the bitcoin investors.

It is strongly advised not to invest money in this platform by any of the means because there is no proof of its mining capacity.

Micro-BTC can’t be trusted

It is easy to spot the scams related to the bitcoin cloud mining nowadays because the majority of programs provides virtually the similar kind of experience every time. There is not much difference in the case of Micro-BTC because it is one of the cloud mining scams that welcomes users with a free bonus of 15 KH/s of mining power.

Additionally, there is a clear display that the company wouldn’t mind the bitcoin in the first place and instead of it, they will stick to altcoins.

Additionally, there is profits guaranteed to every investor by the Micro-BTC that is not possible in the present ecosystem of cryptocurrency. There is no way that the lifetime profits can be offered from the cloud mining contracts in a legitimate manner. The majority of the mining contracts runs only for a year or even lesser for many reasons.

Any firm that claims to provide an extended period of cloud mining is likely to be a scam.

Also, the mining plans offered by the company are not eye-catching. At all the times, the users are mining the Scrypt coins that mean that there is almost no chance for getting some profits from cloud mining.

There is no legal evidence provided by the company for their cloud mining operations. The company has listed no details related to the address, registration number or staffers that makes the matter worse.

It looks like the Micro- BTC operates from out of the UK. In our opinion, there is no great reason for investing in Micro- BTC unless you are happy to lose your bitcoins to scammers.

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