Wipro Receiving Threats From Email And Bitcoin Worth 500 Crores Demanded

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One of the world’s best IT companies, Wipro are getting email threats stating there will be a biological attack on its various campuses in the town if the amount of INR 500 Crore in bitcoin is not paid before 25 May.

The mysterious person who has sent email threatens to add a natural toxin in the food that served in the drones or cafeterias.

There is a payment link of Bitcoins in the email that also claims there will a two-gram sample sent in the upcoming day to one of the offices of Wipro. There is a complaint filed by the company and they also state that there will no affect of this email on their operations.

The company has claimed that they have registered a complaint to the local law enforcement agency after getting a threatening note from a mysterious source. The company has increased the security at all their offices.

However, there will be no impression on the operations of the company. As per a statement from an IT major, there are no comments from their side because the investigation is going on.

The case has taken up by the cyber department of Bengaluru Police and they are looking to find the place from where email has been sent. But, the police has not ruled it as a hoax.

The Additional Commissioner of the Bengaluru Police S Ravi has given a statement in which he states that they will explore to find out whether these email threats are real or not.

In 2013, the company also received the similar kind of email threats that states that they will burn the campuses of the company in the city of Bengaluru that turns out to be a false rumor.

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