End of Bitcoin Predicted By Expert, Is There Anyone Who Really Counts?

Alarming Bitcoin Hacks

In the past some years, the end of bitcoin has been predicted by lots of people on different occasions. These predictions have become very common that each time the discussion to its end starts whenever there is a development in the market conditions or cryptocurrency network.

The price of cryptocurrency has continued to surge, but the predictions have surfaced again. Now, it has come from one of the financial forecasting publications in which the author has told about lots of things for recycling the arguments against the cryptocurrency.

The article is influenced by the recent reports of hacking events and Bitcoin ransom demands which have affected one series of Netflix. The anonymous nature of the cryptocurrency has touched by the author and the way it can result in the end of Bitcoin.

The author contests about whether Bitcoin is a money or not in the article. It has come during the time when Japan has already declared it as a currency.

There is more credence added to the story by the selected quotes from the article that consist of a report of the New York Times on the rising ransomware events.

Additionally, there is a standard argument related to drugs, guns, contraband, etc. on the dark internet world that can be shopped by using bitcoin. Some of the alleged jobs with the bitcoin are money laundering and illegal gambling.

As per the author, the end of bitcoin is near because of the strict regulations like cyber regulations and gun control insurance.

There are valid points included in the article on the way demanding ransom illegally and violating the legal structures, but still, there are many main things missed about the bitcoin. It is no longer anonymous as there are many companies who has made technology for tracking its transactions.

There are lots of flak received by the article from readers as some of them are contesting author’s views while others saying it as a click bait.

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